Automotive Air Bag Lid Injecting Samples

Air bag lid mold maker Upmold is an expert on plastic injection molds custom manufacturing for the automotive industry, Upmold offers turnkey plastic injection full solutions from design, manufacturing, testing, inspecting and injection molding custom service for auto parts and molds, auto parts and molds including as:

Automotive interior trim, Auto Air bag lid, Car plastic bezel, Car door trim, Car door bezel trim, Air condition venting, Car radiator tank, Radiator grille, Console panel, A-pillar trim, B pillar upper trim, B pillar lower trims, and so on.

Plastic Material involving: ABS, High impact ABS, PP, PP+Talc, PP+GF, EPDM, PA, PC, PMMA, POM, PPS etc.

Also, Upmold offers die casting molds and fixtures, such as Zinc die casting die, aluminum die casting mold.