Plastic mold manufacturer Upmold is one of top-level quality plastic injection mold maker which is mainly specializing in making molds and molding & assembling finished units. We specialize in precision designer and manufacturer for 18 years, with the experienced design team and professional engineering team, with good quality and pretty competitive price.

Upmold has a series of integrated mold design, manufacture, and testing standard, which is suitable for Japan, USA, Europe and other countries’ requirements.

UPMOLD focus on Plastic Injection Mold Building
1.Mold Size Lead Time
<500mm 3-4 weeks
500-800mm 4-7 weeks
800-1200mm 7-9 weeks
1200-1500mm 9-12 weeks

2.Large Production Capacity:
A. 40-50 sets of molds per month
B. The largest mold we made is fit on 2000 tons machine.
The smallest mold we made is fit on 40 tons machine.

3. Employee: More than 200

4. Quality: Our factory has passed ISO 9001:2015.

5. ISO 14000 and TS16949 are also in our agenda.

custom injection mold manufacturer upmold

6. Competitive and transparent price:
Our Margin Rate is fixed to be 20% of the cost price. Quotation List will be provided along with Breakout List of Cost, including labour, steel and others.
Maybe our price is not the cheapest price in China, but be sure that will we can help you accelerate your project progress, reduce abnormal shutdown of production, promote your casting quality, increase your tooling life, and therefore you will gain more and more advantage in market competition.

7.Follow Up of Mold Use
At mold delivery, we will provide our customer with these files: mold operation instructions, testing report and recommended parameters, certificate of steel purchase and heat-treatment QC report, mold maintenance recommendation, complete mold drawings, spare wearing parts, mold production record and so on, which can facilitate mold maintenance to ensure smooth production.

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Why Choose Upmold

  • We are Thinking, responding, and performing as a true EXTENSION of our customer’s business.

  • We View customer problems as a new opportunity to create innovative solutions.

  • We are Researching, learning, and adapting to become a true EXPERT in our customer’s industry.

  • Partner with global resources to assure the highest quality available anywhere.

  • Deliver every service solution with 100% honesty and uncompromised integrity.


UpMold a Professional mold factory, we offer full-Service from product development, mould design and tooling making, injection product and assembly manufacturing.Our products to be used for medical product,automobile,industry, home appliance ,office appliance and consumer electronics .Our team consists of experts in product development, mould design, mold making, molding and project management;That allows us to provide guidance and expertise in all phases of project development.Read More

Depend on our prompt,organized and specialized team, we can offer the low cost quotation for your project , and  make it under short period; the price depend on the size,quantity,structure  and material ,we should offer the good price at China to you,the lower price is $150 or free  ; regarding the period ,we can make the first small batch products in 15 days after we got the PO; and we should submit  you the quotation in 3 days when we get your RFQ.

We provide customized individual service for every customer, we can offer the good service on your time zone ,your technical ability ,your communication channels and your needs; normally ,we keep you touch by email ,we can offer the telephone call and conference call  if you need.we can  freely provide you about product development , mold and molding technical support . we are partner , we are glad that you are getting advance.

Custom Plastic Injection mold and molding plastic parts

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Our Advantage

  • Twenty years for Precision plastic injection mold manufacturing.

  • Fifteen years for precision injection molding.

  • Twelve years for precision injection tooling Project management.

  • Ten years for automotive mould and tool manufacturing.

  • Six years for consumer electronic product development.

  • Our team above 200 persons,there are 6 project managers ,10 engineers and 20 designers .


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