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Surface finish standards

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  • Injection mold surface finish standards
  • Injection mold texture standards
  • Injection molding surface roughness
  • SPI mold finish standards
  • SPI surface finish chart
  • Mold tech surface finish chart
  • mold surface textures
  • Plastic mold texture
  • Injection mold graining
  • Mold texture specification
  • Injection mold texturing
  • Mold texture specification
  • Mold texturing standards
  • Mold tech texture chart
  • Injection mold tool graining
  • Injection molding surface texture
  • Mold surface technologies
  • Mold surface finish chart
  • Plastic surface finish chart
  • Plastic surface finish types

Yick Sang to VDI | Yick Sang Vs Mold-Tech

Yick Sang(YS) to VDI | Yick sang Vs Mold-Tech Texture Yick Sang(YS) to VDI Vs Mold-Tech Yick Sang texture to VDI surface finish Grain Charmille VS Mold-Tech texture Agiecharmilles EDM Surface Finish Conversion to Yick Sang mold texture EDM sparking finish to Mold Tech texturing EDM surface VS Mold-tech Yick Sang [...]

Mold Tech texture specifications

Mold-Tech texture specifications | Mold-Tech texture draft angle chart Mold-Tech texture specifications Mold-Tech texture depth  Mold-Tech texture draft angle spec Mold-Tech texture deep Inch-meter conversion chart Series: Mold-Tech A Serie Number Texture Depth (Inch) Texture Depth (Meter) Draft Angle MT-11000 0.0004 0.01016 1 MT-11010 0.001 0.0254 1.5 MT-11020 0.0015 [...]

Yick Sang Texture Specifications

Yick Sang (YS) Texture Standards Yick Sang YS-20001 series mold texture technical data sheet Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture surface roughness Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture draft angle chart Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture specifications Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture standards Yick Sang YS-20001 series mold texture polishing finish Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture guidelines Yick sang standards [...]

Yick Sang Texture Technology Datasheet

Yick Sang Texture Technology Datasheet Yick Sang Texture is the Pioneers of the mold texturing in China, Yick Sang Texturing is used on multi-industry, such as: Automotive Mobile Household Electronic Office Yick Sang Surface Finish technology datasheet what is guiding the part and mould design with a correct draft [...]

VDI 3400 Surface VS Yick Sang Texture Comparison Chart

VDI 3400 Surface VS Yick Sang Texture Comparison Chart VDI Raum Yick Sang Texture Ra Minimum Draft Angle Recommended Draft  Angle 0 0.10 YS20037 0.56 0.2 0-0.2 3 0.15 YS20037 0.56 0.2 0.1-0.2 6 0.20 YS20037 0.56 0.2 0.1-0.2 9 0.30 YS20037 0.56 0.2 0.1-0.2 12 0.40 YS20037 0.56 0.2 0.15-0.2 [...]

Mold-Tech Texture Drafting Angle

Mold Tech Texture Minimum Drafting Angle For Releasing(Demold) Injection mould tooling can be textured by different means, which may vary according to tool manufacture method, timescale, budget, material and supplier facility limitation. Aluminum tooling (and others) which is typically machined rapidly by a CNC process often uses bead, sand or vapour blasting [...]

SPI Surface Finish Standards

SPI Surface Finish Standards The SPI is that Society of the Plastics Industry  sets standard for plastics industry in the United States that identifies the cosmetic quality of plastics, Upmold uses  the SPI standard to define finish of plastic injection molded parts. There are twelve grades of finishes specified by the SPI [...]

Injection Plastic Mold Polishing Operation Guideline

Injection Plastic Mold Polishing Operation Guideline Chart  Grade finished type Average Value (μm) Deviation (μm) Ra Center Average Roughness (μm) SPI No. Description over 200000# 0.07 0.062~0.082 0.003~0.01 A0 14000# 1 Diamond Buff 1 1~2 0.019~0.025 A0 10000# 2 Diamond Buff 2 1~3 0.02~0.028 A1 8000# 3 Diamond Buff 3 2~4 0.025~0.03 A1,A2 [...]

Surface finish cross reference chart

Surface finish cross reference chart | sandpaper grit comparison chart Surface finish cross reference chart Surface finish Sandpaper grit conversion chart Standard Sandpaper & Whetstone  Grit Sizes Range Of Belts Conversion Chart Surface finish sandpaper grit comparison chart Upmold collected these data for your reference for plastic injection [...]

Mold Texture Technology

Mold Texture Technology TEXTURE DEPTH AND SIDEWALL DRAFT CONSIDERATIONS To assure clean ejection of your part, we suggest using a simple rule for determining draft: 1.5 – 2 degrees of draft per .001” in texture depth This rule is for sidewalls of the [...]

Ra & Rz Roughness Specification

Surface finish Ra and Rz Roughness Specification  Roughness Average -Ra Ra is the arithmetic average of the absolute values of the profile heights over the evaluation length.  Ten Point Height of Irregularities - Rz(ISO)  RZ is the average value of the absolute values of the [...]

VDI 3400 VS SPI Finish Surface

SPI - VDI3400 surface roughness conversion | Minimum Drafting Angles EDM Mold Surface VDI 3400 Texture Surface finish VDI 3400 VDI texture mold standards SPI vs VDI finishes Surface roughness comparison chart VDI Mini draft angle chart VDI 3400 Depth Surface roughness conversion VDI 3400 ISO, VDI,ASA ISO/TC [...]

VDI 3400 Surface Finish

VDI 3400 Surface Finishes Definition, VDI 3400 Depth VDI 3400 Surface Finish – is a scale often used by German machine manufacturers and quite widely used in Spark and Wire Erosion (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, the Society of German Engineers) Charmilles EDM surface finish chart EDM surface finishes chart Charmille EDM finish Charmilles texture [...]

VDI3400 Surface Finish Comparison List

VDI3400 Surface Finishes Meter And Inch Comparison List EDM Mold Surface VDI 3400 Texture surface finish VDI 3400 VDI texture mold standards VDI surface finish conversion VDI Ra Aa   VDI Ra Ra 3400 µm µinch   3400 µm µinch 0 0.1 4 23 1.4 56 1 0.112 4.48 24 [...]

Agiecharmilles EDM Surface Finish Cross Reference Chart

Agiecharmilles EDM Surface Finish Cross Reference Chart EDM surface finish chart EDM mold texturing EDM mold finish, EDM mold surface finish EDM surface texture EDM surface finish chart EDM plastic finish EDM surface roughness EDM plastic molding Surface finish EDM VDI surface finish chart VDI surface finish Charmilles texture Charmilles Finish Charmilles [...]

Powder Coating Technology

Powder coating Powder coating – a painting process in which colored dry powder paint is used. The dry powder is provided a negative electrostatic charge (from 10,000 to 90,000 volts). Sometimes referred to as powder painting and dry painting. After the object is covered with paint – it goes into the oven where the paint [...]

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VDI 3400 Surface Draft Angle

VDI 3400 Surface Draft Angle | VDI Draft Angle DA-PA = Drafting Angle for Polyamide DA-PC = Drafting Angle for Polycarbonate DA-ABS = Drafting Angle for Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrol Glass-reinforced materials require more drafting. VDI Ra Rz, DA-PA DA-PC DA-ABS 12 0,40 1,5 0 1,0 0,5 15 0,56 [...]