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Tooling Custom Manufacturing Technology Resources Center

At resources center ,Upmold has collected some technical information of part ,mold ,molding,part design and mold design.which is convenient our business.please send us if you have other issues with mold and tooling. we should put it together here.

1108, 2019

Overmolding Vs Insert Molding

Overmolding Vs Insert Molding Overmolding & insert molding manufacturer Aberdeen Technologies, Inc are injection molding experts and serve many different industries including medical device, aerospace/defense, consumer products, electronics, and automotion. Their expertise is in medical injection molding but provide a wide range of products to many different sectors and ship parts all around the world. One service that is often overlooked is their specialization in overmolding. Overmolding is often confused with insert molding since it is performed on [...]

1210, 2018

Mold Tech texture specifications

Mold-Tech texture specifications | Mold-Tech texture draft angle chart Mold-Tech texture specifications Mold-Tech texture depth  Mold-Tech texture draft angle spec Mold-Tech texture deep Inch-meter conversion chart Series: Mold-Tech A Serie Number Texture Depth (Inch) Texture Depth (Meter) Draft Angle MT-11000 0.0004 0.01016 1 MT-11010 0.001 0.0254 1.5 MT-11020 0.0015 0.0381 2.5 MT-11030 0.002 0.0508 3 MT-11040 0.003 0.0762 4.5 MT-11050 0.0045 0.1143 6.5 MT-11060 0.003 0.0762 4.5 MT-11070 0.003 0.0762 4.5 MT-11080 0.002 0.0508 3 MT-11090 [...]

510, 2018

Yick Sang Texture Specifications

Yick Sang (YS) Texture Standards Yick Sang YS-20001 series mold texture technical data sheet Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture surface roughness Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture draft angle chart Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture specifications Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture standards Yick Sang YS-20001 series mold texture polishing finish Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture guidelines Yick sang standards for texturization Series Number Ry (um) Rz (um) Ra (um) Draft Angle Polishing Finish YS-20001 6.02 4.73 1.1 1° 1000# YS-20002 11.65 7.96 2.14 1.5 ° [...]

2312, 2017

Die Casting Machine Specifications Table

Common Die Casting Machine Specifications and Parameters List The casting ( Cold chamber & hot chamber die casting machine) machine parameter list from LK-casting machine datasheet which just for reference of die casting mold design and machine size selection, please concern your actual die-casting machine parameter before your mass products or die trail. Item 项目 Unit单位 DCC130 DCC160 DCC200 DCC280 DCC400 Clamping Force 锁模力 KN 1450 1600 2000 2800 4000 Clamping Stroke 锁模行程 [...]

1812, 2017

Injection Molding Part Design Guidelines

Plastic Injection Molding Part Design Guidelines UpMold has provided these plastic part design guidelines because we strive to produce your molds and parts perfectly according to your designs. In order to assure that your parts are moldable, please examine the basic guidelines laid out on this page and follow these basic design steps when designing  your plastic parts. Injection Mold Wall Thickness by Resin Material Guidelines The proper material selection and observing uniform wall thickness in injection molded plastic [...]

1812, 2017

Injection Mold Cooling Design

Injection Mold Cooling Design In thermoplastic injection molding, part quality and cycle time depend strongly on the cooling stage. in this case we study some alternative cooling devices for the injection mold cooling design for core, The expected result is an improvement of the part quality in terms of shrinkage and warpage. Baffle, bubbler and thermal pin Baffles and bubblers are sections of cooling lines that divert the coolant flow into [...]

2111, 2017

SPI Surface Finish Standards

SPI Surface Finish Standards The SPI is that Society of the Plastics Industry  sets standard for plastics industry in the United States that identifies the cosmetic quality of plastics, Upmold uses  the SPI standard to define finish of plastic injection molded parts. There are twelve grades of finishes specified by the SPI in four categories that range from shiny to dull. Each grade has different requirements for allowable deviation from perfect, with lower numbers allowing for less deviation and [...]

1711, 2017

Injection Molding Mould Design

Injection Molding Mold Design Tutorial Section 1: Injection Mold Design The following information defines the minimum requirements for Upmold injection molds produced by Upmold Engineering. Alternatives that will contribute to improved tool life, minimum wear, ease of molding, and ease of Manufacturing will be considered within the confines of the original quotation and Customer supplied mold design and build standards. The Engineering Manager must approve any deviations from the Upmold standards, and any deviations must [...]

2310, 2017

Rockwell – Rockwell Superficial – Brinell – Vickers – Shore Hardness Conversion

Rockwell–Rockwell Superficial–Brinell–Vickers–Shore Hardness Conversion Chart These Conversion Tables presents data in the Rockwell A, B, C, D, E and F hardness range on the relationship among Brinell hardness,Vickers hardness, Rockwell superficial, hardness, and Shore Scleroscope hardness of nonaustenitic steels including carbon, alloy, and tool steels in the as-forged, annealed, normalized, and quenched and tempered conditions provided that they are homogeneous Rockwell b to Vickers conversion calculator Rockwell Rockwell Superficial Brinell Vickers Shore Hardnell A B C D [...]