Injection mould inspection checklist | Plastic injection mould checklist

Upmold has strict tooling & mold inspection management, Our OQC person does mould inspection for all of molds according to  Operation Reference <Injection mould inspection checklist>, Upmold guarantees the quality molds to customers.

Inspection  Appearance and Dimension for Plastic Injection Mold

1:Water connector type is correct?The hole clearance for the water connector is enough? The out edge of the hole need chamfered and be constant.
2:Mark the water lines with ‘IN,’OUT’ and numbered clearly and tidily. e.g.INT1,OUT1.
3:Oil connector or pneumatic connector need be numbered with prefix “O” or “G”,e.g. G IN1, O IN1.
4:The screw thread of water plug,oil plug and gas plug meet Tooling data sheet.
5:Is there any components outside the mold surface? If so, the stand off shoud be installed.
6:KO pattern and size meet requirment?
7:The fixing style and diameter of Locating ring meet Tooling data sheet.
8:Sprue bushing sphere radius must meet Tooling data sheet.
9:Mould overall size need meet the customer’s press( tie bar space),and clamping method meets customer’s requirement?
10:An arrow with “UP” marked should be engraved in the cavity plate or core plate for those molds for which installing direction is required
11:All the components need be numbered. And standard mold datum should be engraved.(provided by Viewmold)
12:All the components are not allowed to be made in house,Otherwise,the detailed checking report should be submitted to Viewmold.
13:Correct steel should be used, the steel certification need be submitted.
14:Screw thread for all the connector need be correct including eyebolts hole, K.O. hole.
15:No sharp edge,corner and burr outside the mold.

Inspection Eject, Return for Plastic Injection Mold

1:Ejecting smoothly, No get stick, no special sound.
2:Lifter surface need be polish,lubricate slot need be manufactured, and heat or nitride treatment need be done (according to customer’s requirement).

3:Slide or lifter stroke must be enough to meet requiremnt.
4:Lifter design must accord with Viewmold standard unless otherwise specified.
5:irregular ejector pin must be located.
6:Ejecting plate shoud return completely. 6
7:Space block with flat surface need be used for ejecting stroke.
8:Return spring need be standard component, No polish,no split.
9:The material for lifter, wedge block and gib need be heat-treated or Nitride treated, It meets customer’s requirement?
10:Install limited switch for slide or hydraulic cylinder.

Inspection Pull system and Removing for Plastic Injection Mold

1:Ejector pins need be standard,No pillow is allowed under the pin shoulder.
2:Top surface for return pin need be flat without weld;Neither Pillow nor weld is allowed in the bottom surface.The holes’s clearance need be 0.07mm.
3:The clearance between return pin and B plate&ejector plate should accord with Viewmold standard, ( Note: for B plate, 0.07mm)
4:The clearance between ejector guide pin and B plate would be 0.05mm unless otherwise specified.(Accord with Viewmold design standard)
5:Part removal must be smooth.
6:Runner stripper plate goes smoothly with enough stroke.
7:Need inspect the steel dimensions and steel check report need be provided.

Inspection Cold Runner System for Plastic Injection Mold

1:Internal surface of sprue bushing must be polished to drawing standard.
2:Runner channel must be polished to drawing standard.
3:The shape and size for runner channel need meet customer’s requirement, The steel check report for gate must be provided by shop.

Inspection Hot Runner System for Plastic Injection Mold

1:The wiring layout numbered correspondingly is suitable? And it should be easy to repair.
2:Hot runner type must be correct and be inspected prior to arrival at the shop.
3:The assigned type and size of sockets need be specified with protective setting installed.
4:The wiring need match the drawing provided by shop.
5:Wires need be bundled and covered by plate to avoide breaking.
6:Connectors need be marked clerarly to avoid assembling wrongly when both size are same.
7:Control wire need protective cover,and No any damage.
8::Wires exposed outside the mold surface is not allowed.
9:The transition slot to allow the wire in the plate and manifold need be round to avoide any damage.

Inspection Packing for Plastic Injection Mold

1:Steel type,certification and heat-reat must meet customer’s requirement.
2:Spread antirust in cavity and core.
3:Spread butter in sliding components.
4:Saftey locks(at least 2 pcs) should meet desining requirement. And rest hole should be made.
5:The files in CD are full? (see item E-9 in “project process flow”)
6:Is there any special requirment for mold exterior surface?
7:Spare parts are full? And a detailed list need be provided.
8:Mold need be packed in plastic membrane when shipment.
9:Spread mold # with lacquer and marked the direction of placement.
10:Wooden box need be fixed firmly.
11:All the things in the packing list need be full.

Tooling Checkling list