mold tech texture

Yick Sang(YS) to VDI | Yick sang Vs Mold-Tech Texture

Yick Sang Texture Grain Charmille Mold-Tech Texture
VDI 18 K 9000G
YS 1282 VDI 21 K 9070G
YS 1283 VDI 24 K 7000G
YS 1284 VDI 27 K 7050G
YS 1285 VDI 30 K 5000G
YS 1286 VDI 33 K 2400G
YS 1287 VDI 36 MT 2260 (0.04mm)
VDI 39 MT 1055 (0.045mm)
VDI 42 MT 1013 (0.08mm)

Why draft angle injection molding

  • Reduces the chance of damage to the part due to friction during release
  • Reduces wear and tear and chances of damage to the mold
  • Ensures a uniform, smooth, unscratched finish when required
  • Ensures the integrity and uniformity of other surface finishes and textures
  • Reduces overall cooling time by lessening or eliminating the need for unconventional ejection setups
  • Most, if not all, of these benefits offer either direct or indirect overall production cost reductions