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Yick Sang to VDI | Yick Sang Vs Mold-Tech

Yick Sang(YS) to VDI | Yick sang Vs Mold-Tech Texture Yick Sang(YS) to VDI Vs Mold-Tech Yick Sang texture to VDI surface finish Grain Charmille VS Mold-Tech texture Agiecharmilles EDM Surface Finish Conversion to Yick Sang mold texture EDM sparking finish to Mold Tech texturing EDM surface VS Mold-tech Yick Sang [...]

Mold Tech texture specifications

Mold-Tech texture specifications | Mold-Tech texture draft angle chart Mold-Tech texture specifications Mold-Tech texture depth  Mold-Tech texture draft angle spec Mold-Tech texture deep Inch-meter conversion chart Series: Mold-Tech A Serie Number Texture Depth (Inch) Texture Depth (Meter) Draft Angle MT-11000 0.0004 0.01016 1 MT-11010 0.001 0.0254 1.5 MT-11020 0.0015 [...]

Draft angle injection molding

What is the draft angle? The draft angle is the amount of taper for molded or cast parts perpendicular to the parting line. It can be measured in degrees or mm/mm (in/in). Why Draft angle injection molding? Reduces the chance of damage to the part due to friction during release [...]

Mold-Tech Texture Drafting Angle

Mold Tech Texture Minimum Drafting Angle For Releasing(Demold) Injection mould tooling can be textured by different means, which may vary according to tool manufacture method, timescale, budget, material and supplier facility limitation. Aluminum tooling (and others) which is typically machined rapidly by a CNC process often uses bead, sand or vapour blasting [...]

Mold Texture Technology

Mold Texture Technology TEXTURE DEPTH AND SIDEWALL DRAFT CONSIDERATIONS To assure clean ejection of your part, we suggest using a simple rule for determining draft: 1.5 – 2 degrees of draft per .001” in texture depth This rule is for sidewalls of the [...]

Ra & Rz Roughness Specification

Surface finish Ra and Rz Roughness Specification  Roughness Average -Ra Ra is the arithmetic average of the absolute values of the profile heights over the evaluation length.  Ten Point Height of Irregularities - Rz(ISO)  RZ is the average value of the absolute values of the [...]

Agiecharmilles EDM Surface Finish Cross Reference Chart

Agiecharmilles EDM Surface Finish Cross Reference Chart EDM surface finish chart EDM mold texturing EDM mold finish, EDM mold surface finish EDM surface texture EDM surface finish chart EDM plastic finish EDM surface roughness EDM plastic molding Surface finish EDM VDI surface finish chart VDI surface finish Charmilles texture Charmilles Finish Charmilles [...]