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Injection molding molds custom manufacturing news

Injection Molding Machines

New Brand Plastic Injection Molding Machines Today, the 2 new brand Haitain plastic injection molding machines arrived our factory that will be set up within 2 days. UPMOLD offers a wide range plastic injection molding manufacturing custom in-house, our plastic injection molding machine size from 60 Tons to 600 Tons [...]

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Fanuc CNC Machines

New Brand Fanuc CNC Machines Fanuc CNC Machines Model: Fanuc Robodrill alpha d14mia The FANUC ROBODRILL α-DiB series is high-speed, high-precision and high-efficiency Compact Machining center with spindle taper size of No.30. High-speed spindle 20000 (min-1) Direct Drive Rotary Table (DDR) specifications Item Specification Drive system Direct drive Maximum torque 260N•m Maximum speed 200min-1 Feed [...]

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