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Injection mold design guidance

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Injection mold design guidance | Plastic part design guidelines

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Draft angle injection molding

What is the draft angle? The draft angle is the amount of taper for molded or cast parts perpendicular to the parting line. It can be measured in degrees or mm/mm (in/in). Why Draft angle injection molding? Reduces the chance of damage to the part due to friction during release [...]

SPI Mold Classifications & SPI Mold Standards

SPI Mold Classifications & SPI Mold Standards Society of the Plastic Industry Mold Building Standards The SPI Mold Classifications were developed by the U.S. Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE), with the intent of having a simplified definition of the type of injection tool for thermoplastics required for a set production need. These [...]

Injection Mold Hydraulic And Pneumatic Standards

Injection Mold Hydraulic and Pneumatic Standards Design Guidance Section 8: Hydraulic and Pneumatic Standards and Design Contents: A) Hydraulic Standards B) Pneumatic Standards a) Hydraulic Standards: 1) Parker series 2-H hydraulic cylinders will be used. Viewmold typically uses a style “JJ” mount. NOTE: DO NOT USE PARKER MOUNTING [...]

Injection Mold Component Standards Design

Injection Mold Component Standards Design Tutorial Section 7: Standard Mold Components Defines standard component types and suppliers 1) All mold components will be purchased through DME, Progressive, PCS, Parker, Balluff, and National only as listed by type below. Standard components will NOT BE ALTERED as supplied from the [...]

Injection Mold Ejection System Design

Injection Mold Ejection System Standards Design Guidance Section 6: injection mold ejector System Standards and Design Contents: A) injection mold ejector pin design standards B) injection mold Guided ejection design standards C) injection mold Spring return standards D) injection mold Hydraulic ejector standards E) injection mold Press Knock-out [...]

Injection Mold Venting Design

Injection Mold Venting Design Guideline Section 5: injection mold Venting Standards and Design 1) Vent land will be .06”. The vent clearance can be .12” - .50” wide x .02” deep (refer to drawing S5-1) and are always routed to atmosphere. Vents are normally ground. Milled vents must [...]

Injection Mold Cooling System Design

Plastic Injection Mold Cooling System Design Tutorial Section 4:injection mold Cooling Standards and Design Defines methods to provide optimum mold temperature control 1) All molds must be recessed for DME 300 Series Jiffy Quick Disconnects or equivalent Counter bores will be 1.125” diameter to allow for socket. (Refer [...]

Injection Mold Runner Design

Injection Mold Runner Design Guideline Section 3: Runner System Standards and Design Contents: A) Surface Runner and gate Design Standards B) Hot Runner Design Guidelines C) Three plate runner and Pin-Point gate design Standards A) Surface Runner and gate Design Standards 1) Upmold will NOT specify runner or gate [...]

Injection Mold Slide And Lifter Design

Injection Mold Slide And Lifter Design & Manufacturing Guidance Section 2: Slides/Lifters Standards and Design Contents: A) Mechanical injecion mold Slide Design Standards B) Hydraulic injecion mold Slide Design Standards B) Injection Mold Lifter Standard A) Mechanical injecion mold Slide Design Standards (refer to drawing S2-1 & S2-2): [...]

Injection Molding Mould Design

Injection Molding Mold Design Tutorial Section 1: Injection Mold Design The following information defines the minimum requirements for Upmold injection molds produced by Upmold Engineering. Alternatives that will contribute to improved tool life, minimum wear, ease of molding, and ease of Manufacturing will be considered within the confines [...]

Haitian injection moulding machine specification List

Haitian Injection Molding Machine Specifications List What injection machine was chosen for injection molding manufacturing? Plastic injection moulding machine specifications Injection moulding machine specifications Machine Size 机台大小 INJECTION UNIT 注射装置 CLAMPING UNIT 合模装置 Screw Type Screw Diameter Screw L/D Ratio Shot Size (Theoretical) Injection Weight (PS/g) Injection Speed Plasticizing [...]