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SPI Surface Finish

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Draft angle injection molding

What is the draft angle? The draft angle is the amount of taper for molded or cast parts perpendicular to the parting line. It can be measured in degrees or mm/mm (in/in). Why Draft angle injection molding? Reduces the chance of damage to the part due to friction during release [...]

SPI Surface Finish Standards

SPI Surface Finish Standards The SPI is that Society of the Plastics Industry  sets standard for plastics industry in the United States that identifies the cosmetic quality of plastics, Upmold uses  the SPI standard to define finish of plastic injection molded parts. There are twelve grades of finishes specified by the SPI [...]

VDI 3400 VS SPI Finish Surface

SPI - VDI3400 surface roughness conversion | Minimum Drafting Angles EDM Mold Surface VDI 3400 Texture Surface finish VDI 3400 VDI texture mold standards SPI vs VDI finishes Surface roughness comparison chart VDI Mini draft angle chart VDI 3400 Depth Surface roughness conversion VDI 3400 ISO, VDI,ASA ISO/TC [...]