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Die Casting Aluminium Case

Die-Casting Parts Die-Casting Parts
Die-Casting Parts Die-Casting Parts
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1.Mould cavity Steel:8407
2.Mold Life:80,000 shots
3.MOQ: 1 set
4.ISO9001:2008 Certificate
5. Cavity: Single/multi
6. Mold Life:80,000 shots
7. Lead time: 4-6 weeks.
8. Specification: Customed

General Die Casting Mould For Reference

Part material ADC12, A380, AlSi12, A356, A360, AlSi9Cu3, LM6, ect.
Processes Casting, Deburring, Machining, Surface Treatment, Packing
Aluminium Die Casting Machine Used: Die-casting machine(180T—-1250T),CNC, milling machine, drilling machine, Sand blasting machine
Surface Treatment Sand blasting, polishing, Electroplating, powder coating, oxidation (black and nature), passivation,etc.
Product weight available  from 0.02kg to 20kg
Application LED housing , machinery parts, auto parts, outboard parts, Electronic communication housing parts
Applied software PRO/E, Auto CAD, Slid Work
Payment  TT, L/C , Tradeassurance avalible
Port ShenZhen, Guangzhou