UPMOLD offers plastics injection molding products services including product development, injection mold sourcing and plastics injection molding, using a broad range of commodity, engineered and high-performance resins with molding presses from 60 to 600 Ton capacities in hours.

Up Mold has been offering quality custom injection molding capabilities since 2001 and has earned a solid reputation for quality workmanship, reliability, and on-time performance.

We bring breadth and depth of experience across medical, consumer, industrial, and high-tech components manufacturer. Our stringent quality standards ensure your total satisfaction with every job.

Injection Molding Products Processing

  • 12 injection molding presses from 60 to 600 Tons capacity
  • Vertical injection molding is available
  • Closed loop, microprocessor controlled
  • Commodity, engineered, and medical grade resins
  • Robotic part removal and handling
  • No-risk tooling transfer program
  • Low-volume prototyping
  • High-volume 24/7 operation
  • Plastic Resins Processed:

  • Commodity resins
  • Engineered resins
  • High-performance resins
  • Glass Fiber Plastic
  • Talcum material
  • Foaming agent injection
  • Metal agent molding