Project Description

Kitchenware Handle Part

phenolic-powder-injection-molding-handle phenolic-powder-injection-molding-handle
phenolic-plastics-bakelite-products-injection-molding phenolic-plastics-bakelite-products-injection-molding
Kitchen Handle Part Kitchen Handle Part

Kitchenware Handle Part Molded by injection molding process with phenolic plastics bakelite products

  • Phenolic novolak resin
  • Wood dust and mineral dust filled
  • High heat resistance
  • Bakelite Moulding Powder for Handles

Mode Of Moulding:- Compression / Injection

Prominent Characteristics:- All-Purpose ( Having Good Mechanical Strength )

General Characteristics:- Glossy Surface FinishGood Mould Ability ( does not causes any type of sticky problem during molding)electrical properties

Application Area:- Any type of glossy / mat finish handles knobs and any other item related to utensils.

For Quality Assurance:- We follow test methods specified by IS: 867 : 1963

Shelf Life:- 3 to 6 months as per grade considering storage temperature at 10oC to 25oC

Moulding Conditions:- Depends upon the article to be moulded in material.

Injection molding molds advantage

Item Description
Mold Material:

S136, SKD61, H13, SKD11, 2738, 718, etc;
High hardness alloy steel with heat treatment, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

Mold Base: LKM, HASCO, DME, Domestic custom etc.
Mold Cavity: Single-cavity or Multi-cavity, as per customers requirement and part structure.
Mold Life: 300,000 shots, 1,000,000 shots .
Runner: Hot runner, Cold runner, as per customers requirement and part structure.
Software: UG, ProE, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Catia etc.
Technology Team: Designers and professional mold engineers with 15-years-experience.
Equipment: CNC,  EDM, precision grinder, milling machine, driller, wire cutting  machine, etc

Injection molding manufacturing advantage

Part Material: Normal Plastic:  PP, PE, EVA, PS;
Engineering Plastic:  PA, PA6/66+GF, PC+ABS, PC, ABS, POM, PBT, PA12, TPU, TUR, Bakelite/Phenolic, etc;
High Engineering Plastic:  PEEK, PPS, PPO, PEI, PES, PLA, LCP, PA+60%GF, antistatic plastic, etc.
Part Size: Micro Size: 3*3*3(mm) to large size:1800*1000*250(MM)
Part Surface: Polishing/smooth, Texture/frosted, Printing, Painting, Plating.
Part Color: Nature, white, black, red, yellow, blue, green, as per your requirement.
Appliance Filed: Electronic products, industrial product, household product, medical device, petrochemical, auto, aerospace, home appliances, LED lamp parts, agriculture parts, etc.
Equipment: Full automatic injection machines from 60T to 250T–10 sets, ultrasonic welder.
QC Equipment: Callipers, Projector.
Export Market: Mainly export to Europe, North America, Australia, also to the Middle East, South America, Asia.
Our principle: Take quality as the first consideration, with sincere service, low price, prompt delivery.
Delivery Time: 5–30 days, as per your qty and mold cavity.
  1. Our factory can provide various high precision plastic injection moulding for electronic products, industrial product, medical device, auto, aerospace, petrochemical, household product, home appliances, LED lamp parts, agriculture parts, etc, as per customer’s drawing or sample,
  2. One-stop service: From prototype making, mold design, mold making, plastic injection molding, printing/painting, to assembly, all in our factory.