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Metal Die Casting Electrical Housing

Electrical Housing
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General Die Casting Mould Reference

Item Description
Product Name Die casting molds (Aluminum-magnesium-zinc alloy)
Tooling Design OEM service, custom services
Mold Core Steel Dievar,QDX,H13, SKD61, 8407, 1.2343, 1.2677, P20,etc
Mold Base Stell 1.1730, S50C, P20, LKM, OEM service, Custom services etc.
Process CNC, High speed carve, E.D.M, Wire cut, Drill, Injection etc
Cavity Quantity Single-cavity and Multi cavity, Family mould
Treatment Heat treatment and Nitriding,polish ect.
De-Mold Way stripper, ejectors, air valves, hydraulic Jar, etc
Steel Hot Treatment Including quencher, tempering, etc.
Tooling Cooling Mode Water cooling or Beryllium bronze colling, etc
Mould life 50000-100000pcs
Design Software CAE Moldflow,UG,PROE,CAD etc..
Inspection  CMM,  Projector
Equipment CNC machines, EDM-cuting machines, EDM machines , drilling machines, polishing machines, Grinding machines, etc
Delivery Time According to customer requirements, general 35-50 days
Special Requirement according to customer’s requirement.
Item Description

Our Advantages

1. Short delivery time: 35-50 workding days.
2. we can provide free protoype before making mold.
3. we can help to corrcet not good mold design.
4. we can provide professional mold analysis reports before mold making .
5. you can only provide the actual sample to us then we can help you to make the design drawings for your confirmation
6.after the mold is ok ,we can help you to test the mold for free.
7. We can help to proceed Die-casting parts for small run or mass production.

Our sevice gurantee

1.if you are not satisfied with the sample, we can send the sample to you again for free.
2.If you received the goods are not the same as the sample, we accept the goods refunded ,and all the shipping freight charge at our side.Also we will refund all the money to your account.
3.If you found have some parts of bad quality products , then we will accept to send the good quality one to you again.
4.If you meet some shipping transportation problems,we can help you to solve at first time.