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Metal Stamping Clip Parts

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General Metal Stamping For Referal

Precision metal stamping and Assembly Services Spec Additional Services Reverse engineering
Stamping Processes Bending/Forming Heat treating
Progressive Assemblies and sub-assemblies
Blanking Part Inspection
Secondary Design Engineering
Coining Shallow Draw Progressive and secondary metal stampings
Piercing Fabrication
Secondary Operations De-burring Finishing
Painting In house die design and development
Drilling Service Advantages Competitive pricing
Plating Precise and quality parts
Grinding Prompt deliveries
Riveting Lean Manufacturing
Heat treating Production Volume 1 to 1,000,000
Tapping Prototyping
Machining Short Run
Welding Long Run
Documentation Inspection Reports Typical Lead time 2 to 4 weeks
Materials Stainless Steel Stocking Programs Dock to stock
High and Low Carbon Steel Kanban
Cold/Hot Rolled steel Just in Time(JIT)
High Strength Low Alloy(HSLA) Additional Information:
Galvanized Steel
Aluminum Industry Focus Appliance- Hardware-Automotive
Brass Heating and Cooling-Construction
Copper Industrial-Dental-Lighting-Electrical
Thickness 0.005 to 0.188 in Marine-Fastening-Medical-Furniture
Tolerance ±0.001in Solar-Green Building-Government/Detense
Monitoring Part Ejection and Many other die protection ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Load tonnage monitors Software Used Auto CAD
Features EdgeCAM
Proximity Sensors Epicor for Manufacturing
Inspection Visual Measurement Gauge Track
Microvu Cameras PC Fapt Cut
Infra-Red Retro-Reflective Lasers File Formats Accepted DWG
Fiber Optics DXF
Testing Hardness IGES
Destructive PDF
Non-Destructive JPG
Documentation Inspection Reports TIF