3D printing

The benefits of 3D printed parts:

  • Product Design Review which enables us to fix potential problems or concerns before the mold or production has even started.  These changes can be discussed and decided today and have a tangible part for review tomorrow.
  • Provides a component for visualization, discussion during project kick-off meetings for overall improvement in manufacturing, production and quality.
  • Ability to set up quality inspection parameters prior to production runs eliminating the delay during production for this process.
  • Manufacture product fixtures prior to production runs.
  • Provide end of arm tooling quickly prior to production runs.

Materials Include:

  • Transparent material for standard plastic simulation requiring dimensional stability and smooth surfaces.
  • Family of Rigid Opaque materials in a variety of colors including white, gray, blue or black
  • Polypropylene like materials for polypropylene-like snap fit applications
  • Family of Rubber-like materials suitable for a range of applications requiring a non-slip or soft surface
  • High temperature materials for advanced functional testing, hot air and water flow, static applications and exhibition modeling
  • Also, specialized material for dental and medical applications

Our configurations include:

  • MUD (Master Unit Die)  – great for smaller and simpler part designs that requires side actions to form features
  • Unscrewing Molds – used when there is a requirement for male or female threads on a plastic component
  • Action Molds – have some sort of mechanical action incorporated into the design when a hole, slot, undercut or thread is needed that is not perpendicular to the parting line
  • Two Plate Molds – provides one parting line and the mold splits into two halves, the sprue, runners, gates and cavities are all on the same side of the mold
  • Three Plate Molds – is a mold which has a runner plate in between the moving half and a fixed half, these molds will have two parting lines and are used because of their flexibility in gating location
  • Hot Runner System – is an assembly of heated components used to inject molten plastic into the cavities of the mold, these are typically more expensive to manufacture and run but allow for savings by reducing plastic waste and reducing cycle times

In order to support your manufacturing requirements, Upmold offers severalvalue added services including clean room secondary operations to complete your injection molded project.  We have the ability to perform simple to complex operations depending on your requirements, if you don’t see a service listed, please ask we provide several custom operations per customer request.

  • Device Assembly
  • Product Packaging
  • Pad Printing
  • EMI or RFI Shielding
  • Cap Lining
  • Laser Engraving
  • CNC Milling, Drilling or Tapping
  • Sterilization
  • Annealing
  • Ultra Sonic Welding
  • Solvent Bonding or UV Bonding
  • Ultra Sonic Parts Cleaning
  • Vacuum/Pressure Testing
  • Custom Operations per Customer Request