stamping dies

Stamping Die Glossary English-Chines

1 Stamping die 冲模
2 blanking die 冲裁模
3 blanking die 落料模
4 piercing die 冲孔模
5 trimming die 修边模
6 notching die 切口模
7 lancing die 切口模
8 parting die 剖切模
9 shaving die 精修模
10 fine blanking die 精冲模
11 cut-off die 切断模
12 bending die 弯曲模
13 pre-bending die 预弯模
14 curling die 卷边模
15 twisting die 扭曲模
16 drawing die 拉伸模
17 reverse redrawing die 反拉伸模
18 obverse redrawing die 正拉伸模
19 ironing die 变薄拉伸模
20 forming die 成形模
21 bulging die 膨胀模
22 stretching die 压筋模
23 flanging die 翻边模
24 burring die 翻孔模
25 necking die 缩口模
26 flaring die 扩口模
27 restriping die 整形模
28 printing die 压印模
29 compound die 复合模
30 obverse compound die 正装复合模
31 inverse compound die 反装复合模
32 progressive die 级进模
33 single-operation die 单工序模
34 open die 无导向模
35 guide plate die 导板模
36 guide pillar die 导柱模
37 universal die 通用模
38 automatic die 自动模
39 combined die 组合冲模
40 transfer die 传送模
41 insert die 镶块模
42 flexible die 柔性模
43 multifunction die 多功能模
44 low-cost die 简易模
45 rubber die 橡胶模
46 steel trip die 钢带模
47 low-melting -point alloy die 低熔点合金模
48 laminate die 薄板模
49 template die 夹板模
50 plaiting die 校平模
51 roughed planishing die 齿形校正模
52 carbide die 硬质合金模
53 upper die 上模
54 lower die 下模
55 die set 模架
56 universal die set 通用模架
57 quick change die set 快换模架
58 back-pillar die set 后侧导柱模架
59 diagonal-pillar die set 对角导柱模架
60 fine blanking die set 精冲模架
61 sliding guide die set 滑动导向模架
62 ball-bearing die set 滚动导向模架
63 working component 工作配件
64 punch 凸模
65 pitch punch 定距侧刃
66 main punch 凹凸模
67 insert 镶件
68 section 拼块
69 soft die 软模
70 locating component 定位零件
71 locating pin (dowel) 定位销
72 locating plate 定位块
73 stop pin 挡料销
74 finger stop pin 始用挡料销
75 pilot pin 导正销
76 lifer pin 抬料销
77 stock guide rail 导料板
78 stop block for pitch punch 侧刃挡块
79 stop key 止退键
80 side-push plate 侧压板
81 limit block 限位块
82 limit post 限位柱
83 clamping 压料
84 stripping 卸料
85 feeding 送料
86 stripper plate 卸料板
87 fixed stripper plate 固定卸料板
88 spring stripper plate 弹性卸料板
89 ejector block 推块
90 kicker block 顶块
91 kicker pin 顶杆
92 ejector plate 推块
93 ejector pin 推杆
94 ejector tie rod 连接推块
95 knock-out pin 打料杆
96 stripper bolt 卸料螺丝
97 tie rod 拉杆
98 cushion pin 托杆
99 support pin 托杆
100 scrap cutter 废料切刀
101 cushion 顶料器
102 stock-supporting plate 承料板
103 pressure plate 压料板
104 blank holder 压料圈
105 vie-ring plate 齿圈板
106 slide feed plate 推件板
107 automatic feeder 自运送料装置
108 guide component 导向零件
109 guide pillar 导柱
110 guide bush 导套
111 ball-bearing guide pin 滚动导柱
112 ball-bearing guide bush 滚柱导套
113 cage 钢料保持圈
114 retainer 制动件
115 guide plate 导板
116 slide block 滑块
117 wear plate 耐磨块
118 punch protecting bushing 凸模保护套
119 retaining component 固定零件
120 punch holder 上模座
121 die holder 下模座
122 punch plate 凸模固定板
123 shrinking ring 预应力圈
124 bolster plate 垫板
125 die shank 模柄
126 self-centering shank 浮动模柄
127 cam driver 斜楔
128 clearance 模具间隙
129 die shut height 模具闭合高度
130 maximum shut height 最大闭合高度
131 adjustable distance 闭合高度调节量
132 die life 冲模寿命
133 load center 压力中心
134 die center 冲模中心
135 pressing direction 冲压方向
136 feed direction 送料方向
137 blank layout 排样
138 web 搭边
139 feed pitch 步距
140 trimming allowance 切边余量
141 burr 毛刺
142 die roll 塌角
143 smooth cut zone 光亮带
144 blanking force 冲裁模
145 bending force 弯曲力
146 drawing force 拉深力
147 stripping force 卸料力
148 ejecting force 推力
149 kicking force 顶出力
150 pressure plate force 压块力
151 blank holder force 压边力
152 blank 毛坯
153 neutral line 中性层
154 bending angle 弯曲角
155 bending line 弯曲线
156 spring back 回弹
157 bending radius 弯曲半径
158 relative bending radius 相对弯曲半径
159 minimum bending radius 最小弯曲半径
160 blank length of a bend 展开长度
161 drawing coefficient 拉深系数
162 drawing ratio 拉深比
163 drawing number 拉深次数
164 necking coefficient 缩口系数
165 round die 圆凹模
166 punch ide 头部
167 punch head diameter 头部直径
168 punch head thickness 头厚
169 point 刃口
170 point diameter 刃口直径
171 point height 刃口长度
172 shank
173 punch radius 凸模圆角半径
174 round punch 圆凸模
175 die point 凹模刃口
176 hole diameter 凹模刃口直径
177 land length 凹模刃口长度
178 cutting edge angle 刃口长度
179 die body 模体
180 die body diameter 凹模外径
181 leading diameter 引导直径
182 die overall length 凹模总长
183 relief hole 排料孔
184 relief hole diameter 排料孔直径
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What is the Stamping Die?

The stamping die is a special, one-of-a-kind precision tool that cuts and forms sheet metal into a desired shape or profile. The die’s cutting and forming sections typically are made from special types of hardenable steel called tool steel. Dies also can contain cutting and forming sections made from carbide or various other hard, wear-resistant materials.

Stamping is a cold-forming operation, which means that no heat is introduced into the die or the sheet material intentionally. However, because heat is generated from friction during the cutting and forming process, stamped parts often exit the dies very hot.

Dies range in size from those used to make microelectronics, which can fit in the palm of your hand, to those that are 20 ft. square and 10 ft. thick that are used to make entire automobile body sides.

The part a stamping operation produces is called a piece part. Certain dies can make more than one piece part per cycle and can cycle as fast as 1,500 cycles (strokes) per minute. Force from a press enables the die to perform.