Injection Mold Design Solutions With Complicated Mechanism

There are many complicated solutions for Injection Mold design, as below pictures shown

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Complicated slider mold design


In this mold design concept, you will obtain how to combine the complicated mold sliders and control the slider moving step by step.

Plastic Mold Design Description:

Sliders: 4

Slider type: 3 line sliders & 1 rotating slider

Slider driving: 3 sliders with Angle pin, 1 by the hydraulic cylinder

Mechanism: Slider-crank mechanism

Backward Sslide mold design

backward slide mold design

This mold design concept for the undercut at core inside of the injected part.

Plastic Injection Mold Design Description:

Sliders: 2

Slider type: line slider

Complicated mold design with lifer ejecting on the slider

part ejection on slider

Injecting part ejection out from slider with lifers for injection molding mold.

Mold Design Description:

Sliders: 5

Lifters: 2