Injection Molding Mold Design For Elbow Plastic Parts

Injection Plastic Mold Design solutions for elbow plastic parts such as below pictures shown

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Half Elbow Injection Molding Mold Design

Elbow injection mold design

The Injection Mold Design with 4 sliders what are 2 rotating sliders and line sliders with hydraulic driving, combining with link mechanism and gear mechanism.

Elbow injection mould solution

Injection Molding Mold

Injection Molding Mold Design construct:

Sliders: 4

Slider driving: Angle pin, hydraulic cylinder,

Mechanism: Gear mechanism

Elbow plastic injection mold design

Injection Molding Mold

Injection Mold Design construct:

Sliders: 6

Slider type: 4 line sliders & 2 rotating sliders

Slider driving: 3 sliders with Angle pin, 1 by the hydraulic cylinder and others with link mechanisms

Mechanism: Slider-crank mechanism