Plastic Injection Resin for Mold Testing Material Request Sheet

Plastic Injection Resin application Sheet that is a reference to our colleague how to plan the material necessary for injection molding mold trail, this sheet design base on cost-controllable, reasonable and savable to provide our customer good communication and service.

Injection Molding Mold Tesxting Resin Request Sheet
Job No Cavities Material Shop
Shot Weight (g) T1 Shots T2 Shots T3 Shots Purge rate Resin (g) expected Total (g) expected received Time Note
U05008 2 PBT+30% Glass Feber 100 Ton 30 35 35 35 5,000 1.4 8000 25000
Raw Material Information
 Raw material  Type of material Brand Manufacturer Quantity (g) Country of Original Color Deliver Time Note
 RI011 SK605 CRASTIN ® Thermoplastic polyester resin DU Pont 25Kg Germany black March 8th
Products Information
 Part Name  Part Number Manufacturer Quantity (g) Country of Original Color Net Weight gross Weight Unit Weight Per part What is the Use Part Picture Note
 Nuts Up605 ABC Company 4000PCS Germany Zinc 16..5Kg 18Kg 4.1  This will be overmolding in part
1. Rate: Considering some unexpected situation when trial, We set rate here.
2. Resin expected=(shot weight * shots + Purge) * rate
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