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Custom Manufacturing Injection Molding Mould & Part Successful Solutions

UPMOLD is a full-service molding mold builder specializes in the mold design, engineering support, molds building and qualifying of plastic injection molds,die casting tools,fixture and injection molding parts, Upmold operates with plastic injection presses ranging from 45T to 600T operating 24/6. Our company utilizes the latest technology and equipment to provide our customers world-class product and services. we provide a wide range of product solutions for the plastic injection mold, die casting, machined components, silicone rubber parts and other types of part manufacturing, our custom Product Manufacturing Solutions applied to the successful project as below pictures:

Injection Molding Molds

Die Casting Molded Parts

Mold Design for die casting and injection molds

Injection Molding Silicone Rubber parts

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1108, 2019

Overmolding Vs Insert Molding

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Overmolding Vs Insert Molding Overmolding & insert molding manufacturer Aberdeen Technologies, Inc are injection molding experts and serve many different industries including medical device, aerospace/defense, consumer products, electronics, and automotion. Their expertise is in medical injection molding but provide a wide range of products to many different sectors and ship parts all around the world. One service that is often overlooked is their specialization in overmolding. Overmolding is often confused with insert molding since it is performed on the same injection molding machines. Overmolding [...]

2610, 2018


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Burn Spots on Molded Part Possible Cause Possible Solution Mold is insufficiently vented Make sure vents are clear of obstruction Insure vents are deep Add vents if necessary to assure good operation Injection rate is too high Reduce injection speed Screw RPM is too high Decrease screw RPM Back pressure is too high Reduce back pressure. Minimum is 0.35MPa (50psi) Clamp pressure is too high Reduce clamp pressure [...]

1310, 2018

Yick Sang to VDI | Yick Sang Vs Mold-Tech

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Yick Sang(YS) to VDI | Yick sang Vs Mold-Tech Texture Yick Sang(YS) to VDI Vs Mold-Tech Yick Sang texture to VDI surface finish Grain Charmille VS Mold-Tech texture Agiecharmilles EDM Surface Finish Conversion to Yick Sang mold texture EDM sparking finish to Mold Tech texturing EDM surface VS Mold-tech Yick Sang Texture Grain Charmille Mold-Tech Texture VDI 18 K 9000G YS 1282 VDI 21 K 9070G YS 1283 VDI 24 K 7000G YS 1284 VDI 27 K 7050G YS 1285 VDI 30 K 5000G [...]

1210, 2018

Mold Tech texture specifications

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Mold-Tech texture specifications | Mold-Tech texture draft angle chart Mold-Tech texture specifications Mold-Tech texture depth  Mold-Tech texture draft angle spec Mold-Tech texture deep Inch-meter conversion chart Series: Mold-Tech A Serie Number Texture Depth (Inch) Texture Depth (Meter) Draft Angle MT-11000 0.0004 0.01016 1 MT-11010 0.001 0.0254 1.5 MT-11020 0.0015 0.0381 2.5 MT-11030 0.002 0.0508 3 MT-11040 0.003 0.0762 4.5 MT-11050 0.0045 0.1143 6.5 MT-11060 0.003 0.0762 4.5 MT-11070 0.003 0.0762 4.5 MT-11080 0.002 0.0508 3 MT-11090 0.0035 0.0889 5.5 MT-11100 0.006 0.1524 [...]

510, 2018

Yick Sang Texture Specifications

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Yick Sang (YS) Texture Standards Yick Sang YS-20001 series mold texture technical data sheet Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture surface roughness Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture draft angle chart Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture specifications Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture standards Yick Sang YS-20001 series mold texture polishing finish Yick Sang YS-20001 series texture guidelines Yick sang standards for texturization Series Number Ry (um) Rz (um) Ra (um) Draft Angle Polishing Finish YS-20001 6.02 4.73 1.1 1° 1000# YS-20002 11.65 7.96 2.14 1.5 ° 800# YS-20003 13.61 9.09 2.75 2.5 [...]

510, 2018

Yick Sang Texture Technology Datasheet

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Yick Sang Texture Technology Datasheet Yick Sang Texture is the Pioneers of the mold texturing in China, Yick Sang Texturing is used on multi-industry, such as: Automotive Mobile Household Electronic Office Yick Sang Surface Finish technology datasheet what is guiding the part and mould design with a correct draft angle for injection molding. YS 1 Series Texture 1 Series Depth Draft Angle YS1280 0.01 1 YS1281 0.02 1 YS1282 0.02 1.5 YS1283 0.03 1.5 YS1284 0.03 1.5 YS1285 0.03 [...]